Site: 9th Floor of 2 west 13th street.

(Conversation at 2 West 13th Street) is an extension of a sound showcase hosted by the research group (Sound@Newschool). Participants engaged in a conversation with a location in this New School campus building, otherwise known as the Sheila Johnson Design Center, in New york City. More accurately participants engaged sonically with a specific image from the building. There was no barrier to the kinds of responses, and they might be field recordings, spoken, composed, aleatoric, etc, as long as they respond to the image/place in some way. QR Codes are displayed at each of the locations in the building so that visitors can go on a sonic scavenger hunt through the site. This will be a component of our exhibition at the Sheila Johnson Design Center called Earlids.

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Published on Feb 21, 2014
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