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The next performance of Simultaneous Translation will mark the debut of our software application hosted on The Simultaneous Translator Simtrans v.4 performance: - John Roach (USA) John Hudak (USA) - Kenneth Goldsmith (USA) Joe Reinsel (USA) - Willy Whip (FRANCE) Julien Mérieau (FRANCE) - Keyman (FRANCE) - Miguel Ramos (SPAIN) - Carlo Giordani (ITALY) - clan duo (ITALY) trans_box_white   Language is simply alive, like an organism. We all tell each other this, in fact, when we speak of living languages, and I think we mean something more than an abstract metaphor. We mean alive. Words are the cells of language, moving the great body, on legs. Language grows and evolves, leaving fossils behind. The individual words are like different species of animals. Mutations occur. Words fuse, and then mate. Hybrid words and wild varieties or compound words are the progeny. >>>> MORE INFO! <<<< Simultaneous Translation is made possible with the support of > > The Experimental Television Center La pieza se puede escuchar en UbuWeb

Published on Feb 21, 2014
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